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Slides from the conference:

The Drastrup Project - Gitte Ramhøj

Urban redevelopment Aalborg - Anne Juel Andersen (11,3 mb)

The Danish Planning System - Niels Østergård

Information mail 15/1-09 - revised 2/2-09

Dear PLPR conference participant,

The PLPR-conference in Aalborg takes place in one month – we look forward to see you!!!

The final program of the conference will be announced 3rd February on the conference home page including further information about the study tour on Wednesday and the conference dinner on Thursday.

On the same date - 3rd February - all papers will be released on the conference home page. Peer reviewed papers will be published on an open site accessible for everyone. Non-peer reviewed papers will be published on a password restricted site with access for PLPR conference participants only during the period 3rd to 28th February. In this way it is possible to print and read papers just before and after the conference.

Information for speakers
When the program has been announced on 3rd February you can find your paper no. in one of the sessions, and thus see when you are going to present.

The auditoriums will be equipped with Windows-PC, projector etc. – and speakers are encouraged to bring Power Points on an USB-stick.

Each speaker is given at least 15-20 minutes in total for their presentation (including questions and plenum discussion). Please leave 5-10 minutes for questions and plenum discussion.

Best regards,
Michael Tophøj Sørensen & Finn Kjær Christensen
On behalf of the local host committee

Registration fee
Non-members of PLPR: 200 EUR
(Membership form can be found on PLPR's website)
- Membership is free!

Members of PLPR (from countries with a GDP per person exceeding 12.000 USD): 150 EUR.
Members of PLPR (from countries with a GDP per person of 12.000 USD or less): 75 EUR
Members of PLPR (who are PhD-students): 75 EUR

Participants from countries with a very low GPD per person can apply for a special waiver.

The Conference Dinner is approximately 55 EUR.

The registration fee includes lunches and coffee breaks 12-13 February and the welcome reception.