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We recommend that you find a hotel in the centre of Aalborg. This will give some transportation to the venue, but almost all restaurants, cafés and other social and cultural possibilities are placed in the city centre. The distance to the University is proximally 6 km, which is about 10-15 min in taxi and 25 min by bus (bus line 2). We suggest one of these two hotels: Slotshotellet or Aalborg Sømandhjem. Both hotels are within a 5 min walk from the centre of Aalborg. If you want to find one on your own, we recommend the website for your search.

The hotel reservation etc. for the suggested hotels: Slotshotellet and Aalborg Sømandhjem is a part of the registrationform for the conference. If you are choosing one of these hotels please make the reservation through the registrationform for the conference.

Link to Slotshotellet
Link to Aalborg Sømandhjem

On the map you can see the City centre, the venue, the to suggested hotels and bus line 2. For information on the venue and where it is in relation to airport, citycentre and traffic links see: Venue

Map of Aalborg City